Improving Business After An Accident   |

Insurance Adjusters and Damage Appraisers.


What we do:

Our service provides a benefit to vehicle owners and insurance companies, by giving customers the ability to replace non-total-loss vehicles after an accident.

Vehicle owners:

  • No loss of value due to a bad CARFAX™ report.
  • Peace of mind, no safety concerns.

Insurance companies:

  • Improved customer service and retention.
  • More profit due to no diminished value claims, no supplement costs, no post-repair expenses.

How we do it:

  • Our check for damaged car + check for repair estimate = full Book Value (ACV)
  • ACV based off of real-time market data from NADA.
  • We convert most vehicles with damage estimates 25% and higher of ACV
  • We guarantee the purchase of vehicles with damage estimates of 40% and higher of ACV, giving the customer full book price for their vehicle. They replace it with no loss of value.

Process and Compensation:

  • We enroll independent adjusters/damage appraisers to help inform customers of our service and to assist with paperwork throughout the transaction.
  • No need to push or oversell our company. Just inform your clients about our service. Those with late model vehicles usually understand they’re facing a loss of value and will appreciate the option.
  • Direct them to our website which was built to service the customer from start to finish.
  • We pay $365 for every converted lead, and we make it simple. Inform your client and assist with paperwork. That’s all we need.


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