Improving Business After An Accident   |

Find your vehicle’s value

After an accident most dealers will discount your trade 10-20%. claimservices will pay you full value now- before your car is repaired.

Find the eligibility to receive full book value for your vehicle before it is repaired.

  • Step 1– Click on the Kelley Blue Book® logo to find your "Excellent Condition" Trade In Value
  • Step 2– Enter your KBB value in the top field and your insurance estimate total in the bottom field
  • Hit enter to calculate your percentage of damage and probability of purchase.
  • If your vehicle has 40% damage, we will pay you full book value- Guaranteed.
  • If your vehicle has 25% damage, most times we can still help you.

Click on the KBB logo below to find your “Excellent Condition” Trade in Value.

Kelley Blue Book Logo

Percent of Damage
Above 40% – Guaranteed Purchase
25% - 40% – Probable Purchase
Under 25% – Possible Purchase

Don't settle, we give you options.

After an accident, most dealers will heavily discount your trade in price.

We will pay you this, right now.


Why wait weeks at the body shop?

We can put you in a new vehicle now.

Why settle for a repaired vehicle?

We can help you replace it.