Improving Business After An Accident   |

At the Dealership.


Vehicle Owners.

In markets where we don’t have a regional office, all of the title work, lien releases and payments can cause delays for you—and we can’t have that. To remedy this , we’ve created a “Guaranteed Purchase Offer.” Here’s why:

  • Most efficient way to process title work, loan payoffs, and lien releases.
  • Speeds up the process and gets you into a new vehicle faster.
  • Helps you use the sales tax credit from your damaged vehicle.

How it works:

We agree on a price for your vehicle. Click here to find your NADA-based value.

Then we send you the “Guaranteed Purchase Offer,” a contract from our company to you and the dealership that guarantees the purchase of the damaged vehicle and payment to the dealership within 24 hours.

You get a replacement vehicle the same day as the trade-in, and we sort out the details with the dealership. Just another way we make the process easier for you.


We help dealerships by:

  • Giving your loyal customer an option to replace their late model vehicle after an accident.
  • Guiding that loyal customer back to your dealership, eager to buy a replacement vehicle. You improve customer service and increase revenue by helping them out of a bad situation and sell another vehicle.
  • Sparing you from making a customer unhappy in the future, because an unforgiving CARFAX™ sank their vehicle’s trade-in value.

If you have a customer who is currently working with Claim Services and has a “Guaranteed Purchase Offer,” congratulations. Please contact us and let’s do business.

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