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Our Total Loss Program.

Our Total Loss Program

We offer a total loss purchase program alongside our claim damage division.

Quick payment | Competitive bids | The best customer service in the industry

Our global customer base has several markets favorable to total loss/salvage title vehicles.

Our competitive, no-hassle bids can usually match or beat returns from major salvage auction companies and we pay you faster.

The key to our success is high volume, low overhead. We can offer more money, because we are a leaner company that targets end users, and because our buyer’s fees are the lowest in the industry. Zero.

Major salvage auction buyer fees are currently $600-$1000, customer service is plummeting, and they are no longer efficient in getting the highest rate of return. As large corporate protocols have taken hold, profit has become the main priority and servicing the customer is secondary.

Our Total Loss Program may be a fit for your company and we are constantly growing our customer base.
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