Improving Business After An Accident   |

Customers Testimonial.
Hear what our customers say about us in their own words.

“I hate the hassle of buying new cars, but I really hate wrecked cars. After the accident I had (thanks freezing rain), my dealer sent Claim Services photos with my estimate. I took their payment for my car and the insurance check and bought a new car from my dealer. They were great to work with Thanks, Claim Services!”
– Jim Wethington
“They relieved all of my concerns and I was able to buy a new car. I had no idea I could get that much value out of my wrecked car! Using Claim Services really helped my family out. Thanks, Claim Services!”
– Charles Green
“I was in a bind after my accident that was not my fault. I needed my car to get to work, plus I knew the accident would cost me money at trade-in. By calling Claim Services and uploading some pictures, my dealer had a brand new car in my driveway in two days, AND I don’t have to drive or trade in a wrecked car. I still can’t believe it Thanks, Claim Services!”
– Amy Millington
“I am so thankful for Claim Services. I didn’t want my vehicle back after the accident. The airbags deployed and it had a lot of damage. They bought my car. I kept my repair check and bought a new vehicle. They made the process really simple Thanks, Claim Services!”
– Brian Carlisle
“I was reluctant to try Claim Services, because it sounded too good to be true. Thank goodness it is true. I sold them my damaged, two-year-old car, kept my repair check, and I bought a brand new car for only $4,500. If I had repaired my car, it would have been a $6,500 difference due to the bad CARFAX™ report. Highly recommended. Why repair your car when you can replace it? Thanks, Claim Services!”
– Roger Evans
“I was pretty confused after the accident. I had a wrecked car and I didn’t have time to wait on the repair work. My family needed a vehicle soon. By sending some photos to Claim Services, I had a check on the way the next day to purchase my new car. Claim Services just doesn’t pay for wrecks, they gave us convenience and security. Thanks, Claim Services!”
– Johnny Smithson
“My only complaint with Claim Services is that I didn’t know they existed when I had accidents before. Why would you want to repair your wrecked car when you can replace it? They helped me through every step, and I was in another vehicle two days later. Thanks, Claim Services!”
– Leslie Goodwin
“I didn’t want my wife and kids back in our Tahoe after the accident. Claim Services worked with our local dealer and helped us purchase another Tahoe with no out-of-pocket money. They gave my wife and me true peace of mind, and it cost absolutely no money. We are grateful. Thanks, Claim Services!”
– Preston Jameson