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  Value Calculator. 

Select the correct information in the fields below to find the value of your vehicle. You’ll see:

  • The rough trade-in value–the amount you’ll be lucky to receive, if you choose to repair your vehicle, and
  • The clean trade-in value (the full-market value), which is the amount you’ll receive for your vehicle, right now.
  • Then enter your estimate and hit calculate to find your percentage of damage and eligibility.

Percent of Damage
Above 40% – Guaranteed Purchase
25% - 40% – Probable Purchase
Under 25% – Possible Purchase

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Your trade-in value if you repair
and do not take advantage of our service.

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Your total value if you don’t repair
and sell your damaged vehicle to us. Value determined by NADA.
Due to market variances, we may be able to offer even more.

Why wait weeks at the body shop?

We can put you in a new vehicle now.

Why settle for a repaired vehicle?

We can help you replace it.

*Values based on rough trade-in/clean trade-in values via NADA. Guaranteed purchases are subject to final bid approval from Claim Services.