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About Us.

Claim Services is a team of companies built within the salvage/damaged car industry. We are bridging the gap between markets and improving business after an accident.
74 Auto
Pro Salvage
Pro Salvage

Our goal is to find the most efficient way to do things given the current climate of the industry.

For 15+ years we have spurred a healthy market for repairable vehicles, gaining knowledge on the buying and selling side of the table.

Our latest concept removes damaged (non total loss)vehicles from consumers who do not want them and places them into a market where buyers do want them.

This simple yet disruptive business model is one way we help carriers improve margins and customer service, and provide our market with a supply of vehicles.

Change and innovation are slow to this industry but we will continue to push the envelope.

If you would like to work with us or work for us, – please contact us below.